Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The Computer says the sea is rising


Ann Sherry AO

Rose Jackson

Ros Kelly

Heather Ridout

I trust my passionate attitude to see that innocent people are protected from this absolute professional and deliberate institutional blindness of systemic neglect which leads on expanding to emotional abuse, neglect, trauma, war and suffering strewn across our society which has for a time become materialistically lost and totally soul destroying to the point where we are heading to suffocation whilst pretending we haven't got a pillow over our head will not upset too many people.

Australia is an island girt by sea so in boating terms we must "Go about", tack to a new course, this is the focus and work of my life to which I have basically dedicated the past 30 years. At times this has been a very lonely isolated place however in some gnawing way I have known eternally that we were heading towards our own absorption to be consumed crucified by patriarchal neglect as the maternal element of life was ignored.

My soul intention has always been to love and respect all. Human as I am and not perfect I have at times kicked a few tables over and forced the envelope in an attempt to expand awareness to this essential need of mankind to live in a non threatening existence, an environment of understanding and connection for community

Last night on ABC television we saw a great show with a panel of really smart women and Mothers on Difference of Opinion. Check this Broadband link to watch the show.
The panel included one Rose Jackson a very talented passionate young woman of 22 year whom I am sure we will hear of again in future years.
This panel of business women presented such a grounded strong settling status that I as a man felt reassured and took on a personal sense of new hope, almost connecting to a primal nourishing self awareness, an experience known from child hood when Mother returned to fix the mess after the mix master splattered the kitchen with sloppy chocolate cake or toffee stuck to the saucepan.
The program carried a reassurance that times are changing, with this pregnant, feminine social awareness as we move into this new era I am positive of this gestating confinement now.
We all need to take a committed attitude towards all rather than a bipartisan attitude of left vs right or Labour vs Liberal if we are going to heal this contagious social blindness of the ravenous corporate predators feasting behind the guise and ‘spin’ of capitalistic competition over the past 30 so years and of course a slower lead in prior to that as the merchants and traders found ways to survive by stepping into the line up and adding a margin for their taking. We conceive new life through a union of energies, women have never been satisfied with mere sex, as pleasurable as it may be that was simply a tubular vehicle of humanity to deliver new life. Today women want families and need to remain nourished by the continuing joy of knowing life will survive in their Grand children.

Wonderous advantages of technology with computers through latter years has separated humanity from the human touch of reality, also enabled corporations to evolve as they stepped away from the humane element of social responsibility; we have machinery monitored by computers in every facet of life. Now the computer says “The seas are rising”.
Frenzied disconnected electronic and materialistic consumption must be returned to a satiable, considered level of even rrespiration, with equanimity, tidal, expansion and contraction rise and fall, balance, reason, understanding.
The corporate No Gurls mentality of "rock, paper, scissors" or Mine , machine, sell, is no longer sustainable, coal, uranium, plutonium poison for X to the power of x generations.

Love, compassion, trust, honesty, integrity, all sound like good social ingredients for a sustainable future, that’s the way the aborigines of this fragile land Australia managed for 40,000 years. Sure there were flares, violence and tribal friction amongst the people; however their behaviour did not lead to the desolation of species, land, water and air.
Have a look at http://www.ahc.gov.au/publications/generalpubs/nourishing/ and the woman who does the illustration is Badger Bates born in down town Wilcannia October 5 so she must be well balanced lady.

Love You, Love Yourself, love one and other.

Here below is a hint to how our island Australia may be re floated to a sustainable level of recovery, the model of a human body is identical to the society in which the body lives which also is identical to the earth upon which society floats.
Check the Centre with a heart, might be yours you feel.
That's all for now folks phDuck loves to float and Ponder


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